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Many have ask the question is $5 Five Dollar Funnel a Pozie Scheme, Pyramid Scheme or Scam?
First we must understand the definition of these term. Watch the video below for a true understanding of what these terms mean.

                        *** Now That you know the truth, what are you going to do about it ***

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Why I Invested $20 In My $5 Funnel Business

Five $5 Dollar Funnel could put you in business. In business, especially online business many think that because there are millions of eyes that view websites on a daily basis that it should be easy to get people to join your business. Well. this is not always the case. First of all there are millions of websites that are online. What are the chances that someone will see yours? It really depends on your advertising and marketing. Recently, I joined a $5 Business. Most would think that with a $5 business you can't make much money. I must admit that I have seen several businesses like this before, but there was something different. What caught my eye was the free/low start-up cost and the one-time out-of-pocket fee. Most people would say you can't make a decent income with a $5 dollar business, I tend to differ. Why? As I took a good look at $5 Dollar Funnel I realized that if you follow this simple strategy big profits could come fast. This strategy would eliminate recruiting. It would also eliminate trying to convince strangers to join your business and waiting on them to help you build your business.

This strategy offers stability. All it takes is commitment from a few and the ultimate financial pinnacle will be reached. This is why I invested $20 in a $5 dollar business. Most businesses with low start-up fee can be given a jolt if you simply pay-it-forward. What is paying-it-forward? Paying-it-forward means expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. In other words instead of paying the person that helped you, what you now do is pass on the generosity by pay others that may be in need.Paying-it-forward in this instant would mean joining yourself to a business, but also paying for the membership for 3 others.This could be for friends, family or anyone in need.

This strategy doesn't stop there. Those 3 best friends will also pay-it-forward to 3 individual each and this will continue until infinity. Just by paying-it-forward for those 3 this will cause your compensation plan at $5 Dollar Funnel to start. This beats waiting around for people to join your business. When you wait for others this will delay your pay and profits.By paying-it-forward this will quickly cause you to max-out the compensation plan and open the door for all members to profit. When the 3 gets 3 (each) each member will began profiting and completing the Kickstarter Matrix. This will then automatically send them onto Builder Matrix, then the Leader Matrix and finally the Mogul Matrix. What must be remember is that if you do it this way you will never have to get 300 -3000 plus members yourself. If you do it this way all you will ever have to get is 3 individual or friends. Secondly, you will no longer have to pay out-of-pocket cost and everything from this point on will comes from your profits from the first matrix and so on. What I realize is that this is great because there is no monthly fee that will ever come out of my pocket. All fees come out-of-profits from a small $0 or $20 investment.

In conclusion a $20 Investment in a $5 Dollar Business is worth it all. It's assure the business owner that there will be no breaks in the process of building the business. Secondly, if each member that is a recipient of a pay-it-forward get their 3 people signed up within a week they can start getting paid with a week. Finally, this system eliminates one person trying to convince thousands of people trying to join a business. This is an ingenious system that works effectively.You have to be willing to see the beauty of the system. The great thing is you have to start this system in the first ( Builder Matrix ) matrix only and from that point on you're on your way. Another way of looking at this is you will have introduce 3 people to this business who will profit and will be willing to follow you in future business ventures. You would have also quietly be building a downline of people that you can share new ways of earning an income with on a daily basis. I also realize this that by the time I reach level 3 (Leader Matrix) I could be making $43,000 a month. You figure $43.000 a month on a $0 to $20 investment. This is not my opportunity to change my world, but it is also your opportunity. Let's look at it as a way to fight poverty, stress and a way to offer someone an opportunity to make an descent income without working themselves to death. Good luck my friend! Enjoy the system, products and the profits.

Just a short list of the products:
Replicated Website
Lead Generation Manager
Capture pages
Promotional videos
World Class Training & Tools
Leadership and Mentorship - Robert Hollis
Free Training Tools
Charting Our Course
7 Fundamentals of Human Engagement
Science of Change
And other ebooks

*** Operating in 196 countries***


#1 $5 – Kick Starter Matrix 3×5 (363) = $221.00
#2 $20- Builder Matrix 3×5 (363) = $1,443.00
#3 $99 – Leader Matrix 3×7 (3279) = $48,737.70
#4 $297 – Mogul Matrix 3×7 (3297) = $146,213.10

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*** ALERT!!! This is not a Ponzie scheme, Pyramid or a Scam. Click here => News Alert!!!

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